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If you want to experience the magic atmosphere of Venice at its best, Carnival is the right time to go.

Its origins are centuries old, and it still attracts thousands of tourists each year who arrive in Venice to admire the sumptuous costumes and masks parading in a suggestive settings.

The magic of Carnival gives to Venice an enchanted atmosphere. Masked people fill the streets with smiles and laughter, and several events are organized all around the city.

Sunday the 16th of February: il “Volo dell’Angelo” (the “Angel flight”): The tradition dates back to the 16th Century: in one of the many editions of the Carnival it occurs that a Turkish acrobat manages to do something incredible: with the only help of a barbell he manages to walk on a long rope from Saint Mark’s Belltower to the balcony of Palazzo Ducale. The young man walks on a cheering crowd and at destination he pays his respect to the Doge.

The challenge is called Svolo del Turco (The Turk Flight) and it becomes an unfailing event of the Venice Carnival. Over the centuries it changes and professional wirewalker as well as young Venetians decide to challenge themselves in this flight.

The performance changed again when one man with fake wings is lifted and dropped down the wire with high speed “Volo dell’Angelo”.

After a tragic event of the 1759 edition the authorities of Venice to ban the event and to substitute the living man with a big bird made of wood which releases flowers and confetti on the crowd “Volo della Colombina”..

In 2001 the city of Venice decides to restore The Angel Flight with a living person, chosen between artists, sport people and popular people. From 2011 the Angel is the winner of the contest festa delle Marie: she is secured to a metal rope and she is dropped while wearing a precious historic costume.

This performance announce the real beginning of the Carnival of Venice with a triumph of confetti and coloured air balloons.


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