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  1. .To enter the camping site it is necessary to obtain the permission of the management and to be legally registered.
  1. .For authority order all campers, guests, visitors, adults and children must hand identity card or passport over the direction. Other documents are not valid.
  1. .Customers are informed that visits by friends and relatives are limited to one hour. After one hour the regular tariff will apply to them also.
  1. .Visits are allowed only upon production and delivery of an identity document.
  1. .No admittance to persons who are not residents. People found inside the enclosure, without authorization by the management, will be denounced for house-breakings as per Article 614 Italian Penal Code.
  1. .The reception is open from 08:00 am to 10.00 pm.
    In case of arrival after the normal reception opening hours, please send us an e-mail or contact us by phone.
    Check in: for accommodations starting from 3.00 pm; for pitches starting from 2.30 pm.
    Check out: for accommodations from 07:30 to am 10:00 am on the day of departure; for pitches from 07:30 am to 12:30 pm on the day of departure.
    In case of check-out after the indicated times, the amount of an extra night will be added as a supplement on the final bill.
    For departures before 7.30 am, please pay the bill the day before 9:00 pm.
  1. .The authorization of the management is required before occupying any camp or caravan site.
  1. .Vehicles can be parked in the spaces indicated by the management. The management reserves the right to ask that the vehicle be moved to another parking place if the need for new campers or caravans or tents should arrive.
  1. .From 12 a.m. to 7 a.m. silence must be observed. During the day noise should be kept at reasonable levels. Televisions are allowed only if the volume is kept very low.
  1. .Guests are responsible for their own property. The management declines all responsibility for theft or damage with the exception of those objects that have been entrusted to the management and for which a receipt has been issued. The management and the staff cannot be held responsible for things lost or forgotten in the lavatories.
  1. .The speed limit within the site is 10 Km/h.
  1. .It is forbidden to damage the plants, and within the camp the rules of hygiene and cleanliness must be kept. Whoever spoil the tourist complex toilets and equipment will be immediately expelled.
  1. .Dogs must be kept on a lead and a muzzle must be worn. A veterinary certificate must be produced on arrival, and the owner will be held responsible for any damage caused. Dogs must be accompanied outside the camping site for their needs.
  1. .It is severely forbidden to empty chemical toilets in the WC. Use the chemical toilets drain.
  1. .The management reserves the right to expel any guests who disregard the above rules or who behave in any way that is likely to disturb other guests.


Gas bottles and gas devices are the most common source of propagation or spread of fire. Therefore:

  1. .Never use gas bottles over 5 kg. Don’t keep with you spare gas bottles because it can be more dangerous. Place your gas bottles in a visible area and keep them on the shadow. Don’t lock the gas bottle so that it will be easy to remove it in case of danger.
  1. .Test the correct gas connection/appliance between the gas bottle and the installation.
  1. .The electric socket are for light and refrigerators only. The authorization of the management must be obtained before using them. All plugs must be properly earthed.
  1. .Never leave electrical devices plugged unattended. Ovens, stoves, fans, heaters, refrigerators, air conditioning devices can be dangerous if unattended for a long time.
  1. .Never plug more than one device on a single plug. Don’t use multiple plugs or adaptors.
  1. .Never leave any kind of fire or grill unattended (grill, candles, mosquito’s spiral…)
  1. .Never use flammable materials.
  1. .It is strictly forbidden to light fires.

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